Traffic Offenses

Most people who drive a car get a traffic ticket sooner or later. This can be a stressful experience, and people will often plead guilty to a traffic ticket by mail to avoid court. Pleading guilty by mail is a conviction and can lead to a multitude of consequences including, but not limited to:

What services are provided?

Attorney Joseph M. Cirillo can represent you for a variety of traffic offenses, including:

Why do I need a lawyer?

It is important to have an attorney assist you from the very beginning to help lessen the severity of any moving infractions. Attorney Cirillo can help you negotiate a reduced charge. He will listen to the details of your situation, analyze your legal position, and give you the pros and cons of several alternate courses of action.

For most traffic infractions, you will not even have to appear in court. For more serious charges, a court appearance may be unavoidable. Some charges, such as driving without a license or driving while intoxicated, could even lead to jail time, which makes having qualified representation even more imperative. Attorney Cirillo’s skill and experience can be helpful in limiting the price you might have to pay in terms of jail and/ or penalties.

What is the typical process?

The vast majority of traffic violations can be resolved without ever going to court. The typical process begins by Attorney Cirillo notifying the court of your representation, entering a plea of not guilty on your behalf, and requesting an adjournment to a later date.

Attorney Cirillo will then work with the District Attorney’s Office to negotiate a reduction or dismissal for your ticket. If the proposed reduction is satisfactory, it will be submitted to the court.

The court must accept the proposed reduction in order for you to gain the benefit, but most often courts approve the agreement we have worked out and then send a fine or dismissal notice to our office. It will be your responsibility to pay the fine according to the court's instructions.

The entire process usually takes about 6-10 weeks at most and we will let know as soon as anything happens in your case that requires your attention. 

What can I do to prepare?

For most traffic violations, you will not have to appear in court or send in a not guilty plea yourself.  To help formulate an argument on your behalf, Attorney Cirillo will ask you questions, at the initial consultation, about the circumstances of your ticket and about you personally.

To expedite the process, please bring the following documentation to your consultation:

Please note that in order for the process to begin, the Cirillo Law firm will require the above documentation, as well as a signed retainer agreement and payment.