Criminal Law

Being accused of a crime can be a very stressful and scary process. Often time a defendant is unaware of the rights afforded to them from the start of investigation to formal arrest and arraignment. Attorney Cirillo can represent you from investigation to plea deal or trial by jury and will keep you informed of all matters pertaining to your case and inform you of all processes and procedures so that you can make the best possible decisions in order to get the least severe consequence possible.

What services are provided?

There are three types of offenses that you may be charged with:

Why do I need a lawyer?

Criminal convictions can result in long-lasting consequences, some of which may not be apparent to those outside the court system. It is imperative to have an experienced and dedicated lawyer who can counsel and advise you throughout the process. Attorney Cirillo will listen to the details of your situation, analyze your legal position, and give you the pros and cons of several alternate courses of action. The more serious the offense the more essential it is to have quality representation, however it can be beneficial to consult an attorney even for minor offenses.

What is the typical process?

An initial consultation will allow Attorney Cirillo to advise you on what you can expect.

What can I do to prepare?

Bring any documentation related to the matter. An initial consultation will allow Attorney Cirillo to advise you regarding any additional preparations required.