All too often, unfortunately, marriage ends before “death do us part."  Nothing can be more trying and stressful than a divorce or separation, especially when children are involved. Quality representation can ease such difficult times.

What services are provided?

A Separation Agreement is a contract between you and your spouse stating your intent to live separate and apart, that defines an agreement regarding responsibility for bills, division of marital property, child arrangements, or anything else you want to include. It is an efficient manner for each spouse to get what he or she wants without the cost of a full trial, but a poorly worded agreement can have serious unexpected consequences for the parties, especially in complicated cases.

An Uncontested Divorce can be achieved if both you and your spouse agree to the divorce and can reach an agreement regarding such issues as the grounds for the divorce, equitable division of the marital property, custody and visitation of the children, child support, and/ or spousal maintenance.

If you and your spouse have substantial disagreements regarding such issues, the dispute is considered a Contested Divorce. A contested divorce can be much more emotionally-draining than when an agreement may be reached amicably.

Why do I need a lawyer?

Matrimonial matters are highly personal and can be emotionally difficult. In such stressful and life changing times, it is imperative to have the counsel of an attorney to protect your interests. Attorney Joseph M. Cirillo can advise you as to the likely outcome of the case if there is a trial, which will help you make informed decisions. Attorney Cirillo can assist and advise you through the complex filing process associated with either a contested or uncontested divorce, and will work diligently towards resolving any conflicts that may aggravate the process so that it becomes long and drawn out

What is the typical process?

An initial consultation will allow Attorney Cirillo to advise you on what you can expect.

What can I do to prepare?

Bring any documentation related to the matter. An initial consultation will allow Attorney Cirillo to advise you regarding any additional preparations required.