Mohawk Valley EDGE

Attorney Joseph M. Cirillo has recently had the honor of joining the board of directors of Mohawk Valley EDGE. He looks forward to working closely with the great people of this organization to help further the new vision for this region's economic future. Visit their website for more information regarding the organization's plans and hopes for the region.


Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce

Attorney Joseph M. Cirillo has been a member of the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce since 2011 and has served on the Chamber’s board of directors since 2015. He is currently serving in the capacity as second vice president of the board, as chair of the promotions committee, and as member of the nominating commitee. In 2016, the Chamber will produce an updated Herkimer County Guidebook detailing local attractions in the area. Attorney Cirillo strongly encourages local businesses to join the Chamber and take advantage of all the networking, education and advertising offerings available. Visit their website for details on key businesses and attractions in the surrounding area.



Herkimer County Historical Society

Attorney Joseph M. Cirillo highly suggests that local residents and visitors go see the Herkimer County Historical Society and Museum located on North Main Street in Herkimer at the Historic Four Corners. Attorney Cirillo has been involved with the Herkimer County Historical Society since he worked his first formal job at the site in 2000 as a 16 year old Youth Bureau employee. His love for the Society's atmosphere and the study of history led him to continue the work there through multiple summers, ending as a student employee after the summer of 2004 and becoming a board member in the year 2010 upon returning from law school. Attorney Cirillo served on the board of directors for the Herkimer County Historical Society for six years, serving as president for three years and vice president for the remaining three years. Attorney Cirillo strongly encourages stopping in for a tour of the museum and becoming a member of the society. Visit their website for details.


Herkimer Home

Visit the Herkimer Home State Historic Site in Little Falls and step back in time. Attorney Cirillo has had the good fortune of being a past board member of the Friends of the Herkimer Home. Visit their website to learn more about General Herkimer and all the programs and facilities available on the grounds.