Exciting Developments Happening in the Region

I recently attended my first board meeting of Mohawk Valley EDGE, and left that meeting with a great deal of enthusiasm for future economic development in the region. Despite rumors to the contrary, ground has broken on construction of the new nanotechnology and microchip manfacturing facilities at the SUNY Polytechnic campus in Marcy.  I encourage interested people, especially residents of Herkimer County, to take a ride up to the SUNY Polytechnic campus and see for themselves the progress that has begun. General Electrics has already begun preliminary steps to move into their space allocated on the campus. If the plans for the new hospital can be finalized in downtown Utica, the proximity of that facility to SUNY Polytechnic will allow for expanded research in the biological nano sector which holds immense promise in the search for cures for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer's, and other major genetic linked illnesses that humans have suffered from for the entirety of history. The impact on this region's economy and the overall impact on our society cannot be understated. Having had the privilege of being in the Albany area when nanotechnology first began to develop in this state, I was able to witness the first steps towards explosive economic development in the Capital region as a result of the nano project. Now a decade later, I am in awe of how many Capital district communities have shown tangible economic growth in all sectors, to the extent that Albany now houses the number one nanotechnology center in the world. The construction and growth in all sectors in the area now resembles the type of development you would expect only in downstate communities surrounding New York City. All of this can happen here, and I am excited to be a part of Mohawk Valley EDGE and cooperating agency's plan to make it happen.